Changzhou City Jia Connaught Granulator Drying Equipment Factory China drying, granulating professional enterprise. Located in beautiful scenery, convenient transportation, known as’ China’s dry town ’south of the Yangtze River Water - Coke Town.

·The production process and characteristics of the use of special dry granulator pigment
·The structure of the double cone rotary vacuum drying machine is one of the factors influe
·The granulation process and production process and equipment characteristics of dry granul
·With the process and results of dry granulating machine dry granulating production process
·Double cone rotary vacuum dryer in the production of material viscosity, temperature and b
·Pigment special belt type dryer is a type of belt drier which
·Dry granulator, use in the pharmaceutical industry of agricultural
·Pigment special fabrication process of belt drier and purchase points
·Double cone rotary vacuum dryer strict requirements on materials, superior performance
·Due to the dry granulating machine is improved, improve equipment performance

Address: JiaoXi town, changzhou, jiangsu province, China
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Zip code: 213116
Contact person: Mr Gu
Phone: 13951227837

LGJ-based tablets to suppress dry roller machine
YP-type disc Granulator
GK Series Dry Granulator
CT-C Series Hot Air Circulating Drying Oven
Pharmaceutical GMP oven
Series hot air circulation oven accessories
GFG High Effeciency Fluidizing Dryer
XF Series Horizontal Fluidizing Dryer
ZLG vibration fluidized bed dryer
QJ Series Hollow Blade Dryer
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